Custom Lanyards are an Eco-Friendly Choice for Your Group or Organization

Are you looking forward towards protecting the environment? Studies have shown that the huge wastage of non-renewable energy, the oil energy reserves present across the world is depleting. Due to lack of proper energy resources, many people or businesses are switching to eco-friendly products. Using these products can easily help an organization to contribute their bit towards protecting Mother Nature.

Many businesses have made it a point to use eco-friendly products for their office, such as custom lanyards or recycled papers and many other things. Using eco-friendly products can help to lessen the burden of the available resources. Moreover, it can help to protect the environment.

Saving the Planet with Eco-Friendly Lanyards
More and more businesses are taking the initiative to save the environment. Usually, organizations need lanyards in order to hold ID cards and other things like keys. Choosing eco-friendly products can be used for making smart marketing moves. In fact, organization can easily promote their business during conferences or trade shows by handing eco-friendly, customized lanyard to clients and other prospects. Why Eco-Friendly Lanyards?

Many business organizations might wonder why it’s better to make lanyard from eco-friendly materials. Well, the reason is plain and simple. Eco-friendly lanyards are made with environment friendly materials. Hence, when a business goes for eco-friendly custom lanyards, it can increase their value. The organization might be respected for showing their concern to protect the environment.

Basically, the eco-friendly lanyards are made from such materials which are bio-degradable. On most occasions they are made from ingeo fiber that comes from corn. Hence, even if a person throws away the lanyard it would decompose gradually after getting buried under the soil.
Different Types of Eco-friendly Lanyards

The customized lanyards that are available in the market can help a business to present their core values. Moreover, it can help to carry a great corporate image. For instance, if an organization is supporting a campaign then it can print slogans or symbol of dove bird on the custom lanyards. One would be surprised to see that eco-friendly lanyards are available in different styles. They are:

Imprinted Tube
Imprinted Flat Polyester
Both these style of lanyards before being sewn can measure up to 35 inches long. In case one wants to for tube style, it is usually in 3/8 inch, 1/2 inch, and 5/8 inch. On the other hand, the flat style lanyards are available in 5/8 inch, 1/2 inch, and 1 inch. Both these styles are very comfortable, durable, and strong in nature.

The color option for custom lanyards is just vast. One can get a lanyard in white, black, yellow, orange, grey, red, light blue, and in dark brown shades.

The lanyards can come with different types of attachment options which would help to hold badges, cell phone loop, badge reel and so on. Hence, the lanyards can be a great choice for teachers, student, office employee, gym staff, and more.

If you are looking for an eco-friendly
product, you can consider custom lanyards made from recycled fiber. With no carbon footprint, it can be an ideal choice for many.

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