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Home Security Today Web Audio Feature

Home Security Today is:

  • Home Security Today is a unique audio feature you can install on your homepage to increase the number of visitors to your site and their length of stay.
  • A package of 12 (or more) professionally produced home security features in mp3 format linked to a tile on your homepage.
  • Original content with your choice of over 100 topics to choose from.
  • All features contain a custom message about your product or service and a link to one of the most content-rich sites on the internet…www.yourhomesecurity.ca.

Home Security Today

What is it?

Home Security Today is a unique audio feature to be installed on your website to increase the number of visitors to your website and have them stay longer. It is original content researched, developed, written and narrated by security columnist and home security expert Frank Fourchalk. It also contains a sponsorship message about the product or service you are offering on your website.

How Does It Work?

Lease 12 programs from a pool of over 100. These will be produced with your company name at the head of each program and your sponsorship message at the tail of each program. A Home Security Today tile will be set on your home page and will be linked to an mp3 file containing the program features. Rotate the features as you see fit. Your web provider can help you with this.

Who Can Use Home Security Today?

This is a perfect fit for websites dealing with consumer safety and security. This would include homebuilders, insurance brokers, financial institutions and any website concerned with security issues or selling security products and services.


  • One year lease of 12 audio features with your choice of topics.
  • Custom production for your business.
  • Web link with Your Home Security
  • Cost - $2,000.00/year.



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